Rancilio Classe 7

The new Classe 7 gains barista-focused features and upgraded aesthetics, adding to its reputation for performance, reliability, and usability.

  • Available in 2 or 3 groups with manual (S) or automatic (USB) operation
  • LCD interface for shot timer, automatic backflush and more software features
  • Class-leading SB heat exchanger technology
  • Hot water economizer
  • Powerful internal CPU
  • Pressure transducer allows for the highest level of boiler accuracy and grouphead temperature control
  • Barista work area LED lights
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Versatile brewing performance that you can rely on

The Classe 7 is designed to shine in busy cafes where consistency is a must and usability is key. The ergonomic steam levers, bright backlit brewing controls, and LED work area lights uncomplicate your workflow and help you keep customer experience as your focus.

With Advanced Boiler Management (ABM), the Classe 7 heating element anticipates temperature changes during service to provide unparalleled accuracy. And even during the busiest rush, the highly-accurate temperature/pressure sensor keeps your brew temperature and recipe on point. Experience high-volume power and reliable consistency that you can control.

Workhorse Espresso

USB models feature additional features that make it even easier to manage your extractions:

  • 4 programmable volumetric brewing presets per grouphead
  • LCD screen that doubles as a shot timer and function menu
  • Track total brew cycles, start cleaning cycles, and easily navigate diagnostic controls

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