Rancilio Specialty RS1

Innovative temperature and steam control provides cafes with consistent tools to unlock their coffee's potential.

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Explore the potential of progressive temperature control

Unmatched temperature control during the extraction allows the barista to fine-tune every shot, resulting in a better cup profile.

By accurately controlling the temperature profile of the espresso extraction, baristas are given a precise tool to unlock the flavor potential of each single-origin coffee or blend.

Each stainless steel group contains a micro-boiler and two heating elements, maximizing accuracy and thermal stability for both the water temperature and group body.

Enhanced Coffee Experience

The RS1 features an innovative brewing group that maximizes efficiency and can introduce fresh water into the grouphead micro-boiler with every shot.
  • Compact, low-profile body designed to facilitate customer interaction and service operations
  • Steam pressure delivery features a purge function and two programmable positions per side, perfect for switching between various pitcher sizes and different types of milk
  • Enhanced workflow results in less preparation time and a better customer experience
  • New stainless steel, weight balanced portafilters with a soft touch, ergonomic grip. Designed to sit flat for stable and consistent tamping.
  • Digital touchscreen interface
  • Tech friendly design with eco mode
  • Dual programmable hot water buttons

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