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High Volume Super Automatic Coffee Machine

The Touch Coffee is an app-controlled coffee machine that enables state-of-the-art features and on-screen controls with open source software. A 10” high resolution integrated tablet let users create coffee drinks with a simple tap on the screen.

The Touch Coffee is equipped with dual self-adjusting grinders that makes precise adjustments to the grind setting for consistent taste and volume in each cup, on each machine, and at each location. Each cup is made fresh on demand, eliminating coffee waste. The high-capacity 25-gram stainless steel brew chamber (BC22) allows extra-large coffee drinks to be prepared in a single brew cycle.

On-screen info cards can be set to display coffee details, nutritional information, or even advertising videos while the drinks are pouring. The Touch Coffee boasts the lowest cost of ownership in its class, requiring on average only 1 preventative maintenance visit per year. It is constructed with quality components that are designed to last, even in high-volume locations. 

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