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Egro NEXT Top Milk

Medium to high volume fully automatic espresso machine

Automatic milk delivery pumped from side or under-the-counter refrigerator

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Features and Specs

Model Features

  • Automatic milk frothing and delivery with a push of one button
  • Self-adjusting grinders automatically adjusts the coffee grind size to compensate environmental changes
  • Americano bypass for authentic Americanos at the push of a button 
  • Includes single milk pump system
  • Milk pumped from a side refrigerator or under-the-counter refrigerator
  • Set different milk temperatures and textures for each drink
  • Lowest cost of ownership of any fully automatic with milk
  • Single component two-piece dispensing outlet for easy cleaning
  • Patented milk rinsing technology rinses entire system with cold water and air
  • Daily cleaning cycle only requires operator to add detergent

Range Features

  • App-controlled 10.1" Android Tablet interface 
  • Stainless steel 18-gram patented brew group
  • Dual grinders made by Ditting™
  • Made of stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Easy 3-step automatic daily cleaning program
  • Centralized hot water with different temperature options
  • Americano bypass delivers authentic Americanos at the push of a button 
  • 2-year parts warranty

Standard Accessories Included

Plastic grounds bin container, One month supply of daily cleaning products, Foot extensions

Mandatory Accessories


Top Milk Fridge (NEXT) - 6.5 liter (1.7 gallons) countertop fridge fits perfectly on the left side of the machine

Beverage Air Special UCR20HC – 20" wide under counter fridge that holds two gallons of milk and fits under most counter tops. Includes milk delivery line access points.

Beverage Air Special WTR27AHC-SR – 27" wide large capacity fridge that can be placed under counter or can function as a workstation with the machine directly on top. Includes milk delivery line access points.

Use your own fridge – Must be professionally modified to include an access hole in the top for milk delivery hoses. It must be installed within 4 feet of the espresso machine.



Optipure QTSX-2PG System Complete water softener kit  water filter/softener to help keep water at 2-4 GPG to maintain machine and adhere to warranty terms.



iSteam - Intelligent steam wand automatically froths and steams milk



Automatic Spout+ - automatically adjusts the delivery spout to the correct cup size 

Under counter grounds chute - chute that diverts ground coffee to under the counter waster container, not available whan an under the counter fridge is installed directly under the machine

High-Capacity Brew Module (BC22) - Stainless steel 22-gram patented brewing technology



External Hot Water Outlet – Hot water delivered through separate outlet to teh right of the drink spout



Multi-Milk – Add to any fridge configuration to deliver two types of milk
Cold Milk Foam - Delivers amazingly stable cold foam for unique drinks. Not available with any configuration that includes multi-milk or any under the  counter configurations. Only available with NEXT Top Milk Fridge



Self-Service Package  Locks for hopper, grounds drawer, and fridge, as well as cup stopper pins



Powder Module  Enables machine to deliver mochas or hot chocolate
Cool Coffee Module - Rapidly cools coffee after brewing for best-quality iced beverages

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