Egro NEXT Touch Coffee

The Egro NEXT Touch Coffee is a high-volume bean to cup coffee machine. This means that every time a drink is ordered, the machine grinds whole bean coffee and brews it fresh, directly into the cup. In self-service applications, the NEXT Touch Coffee allows operators to offer a variety of brewed coffee options that are always available, even during non-peak hours. And by implementing patented Egro self-adjusting grinding technology, the system can automatically re-set the coffee grind particle size to compensate for factors like ambient temperature, machine workload, and the freshness of your whole bean coffee. For customers, the 10.1" HD touchscreen makes it easy to locate and select a drink on an interface that is as easy to use as any smartphone. This interface is massively customizeable, and enables to feature custom drink graphics, beverage details, wallpapers, screensavers, and even video advertising.

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