Stay on top of your cafe’s grinding needs with the new Kryo EVO

Explore what fast, on-demand espresso grinding can do for your business.

  • Featuring flat, 64mm professional steel burrs
  • Powerful 450 watt motor
  • Available in timed dose (OD) or doser (ST) versions
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Discover professional espresso grinding for your cafe

Utilizing precision engineering and high-capacity output, the Kryo EVO can deliver the grind quality and speed your cafe needs. And with easily programmed buttons, training is a breeze. You can rest assured that the dose and grind consistency will lead to superior espresso, shot after shot.

Built for ergonomic interaction, the Kryo EVO will make your workflow a dream with its adjustable portafilter forks, allowing you to save precious seconds in your drink prep. Simply lock in the portafilter and let the Kryo do the rest!

With its patented, hideaway locking mechanism, adjusting your grind is effortless and unobtrusive as you work. The vibrant reference numbers are easy to read, so you can always be sure you are at the right grind size.

Designed for reliability and control

Grinding espresso fresh to order makes all the difference in a busy cafe. Using professional flat steel burrs, you can be sure that the quality and output of the Kryo EVO gives you all the performance that you need to keep your customers coming back.

With its small footprint and easy to use programmed doses, you will get all the variability you need for your cafe menu and take up less valuable real estate doing it.

  • Less than 9” wide
  • 64mm Thermosteel flat burrs
  • Onboard counter for measuring coffee usage
  • 3.5 grams per second output
  • 450 watt motor
  • LCD display
  • Easily programmed buttons
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