RS1: Group Head Cleaning Cycle

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Rancilio Specialty machines feature an easy-to-use daily cleaning cycle, with written instructions and automated cycles that keep your machine in tip-top shape!

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Cleaning on the RS1

Cleaning your espresso machine is one of the most crucial steps you can take to ensure consistency, taste, and machine function. Rancilio Specialty espresso machines feature an automated cleaning cycle with instructions written on the screen. The cycle will run for 5 minutes, with limited input from the barista, making cleaning as easy as possible.  

How To Run The Cleaning Cycle...

1) Hit the arrow at the top of the touch screen. 

2) Find and click the “Water Droplet” icon. 

3) Select the groups that you want to clean.  

4) Press ok. The display will now take you through the cleaning process. 

5) Insert a blind basket into your portafilter. (A blind basket is one without any holes) 

6) Scoop your cleaning detergent into the basket. 

7)  Insert the portafilter into the group head 

8) Press ok, and the first cleaning cycle will begin. During this cycle, your cleaning detergent is being run throughout the group head. 

9) Afterwards, remove the portafilter and rinse under the group head 

10) You can use this time to scrub the screen with a brush, getting around the gasket.  

11) Put the portafilter and blind basket back in the group head. Press ok. This cycle runs clean water throughout the group head, making sure no detergent is left behind. 

12) Remove the blind basket and press ok. 

Congrats! You have successfully cleaned your RS1 group heads 

Cleaning Recommendations

We recommend this cleaning cycle to be performed daily to maintain machine function and lifespan, as well as ensure your espresso is always consistent and delicious.  

Cleaning your steam wands in a sanitized solution, such as Rinza, is also recommended to go along with your daily cleaning. 

We also recommend cleaning your baskets and screens in Cafiza at least once a week, depending on the volume of your cafe. For high volume cafes, we recommend a daily cleaning. 

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