RS1: Overview of Steam Wand and Lever

Take Your Brew To Its Full Potential.

The RS1 is a fully customizable and fully programmable machine, helping barista's unlock their coffee potential. This potential doesn't stop at espresso extraction - but allows for full control over the milk steaming process. Featuring a variable steam lever with three adjustable power settings, the RS1 provides barista's with the tools for perfectly steamed milk. 

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The RS1 features Variable Steam Levers, with 3 customizable positions: Purge, First Position, Second Position. This feature allows baristas to gain more control over the steaming process. 

By lifting the lever upwards, you are activating Purge Mode. The lever will release back into the starting position, making it perfect for a quick dispersion of steam to clear your wand.  

Pulling downward allows you to activate the two steaming power positions.  

Each of the three settings is fully customizable, allowing you to input a steam power percentage at each position. Some cafes will utilize these settings for steaming two different volumes, while others will program them for alternative milks. This makes steaming seamless and efficient, as well as decreasing cafe waste. 

How To Program Your RS1 Steam Lever...

1) On the touch screen, select the steam wand you would like to program.  

2) The display will show the three settings you can adjust, corresponding to the steam lever position. This is where you can program the steam power of each setting in percentage.  

3) To change, simply press the plus or minus. This will impact the power percentage of your steam wand at that position. 

4) To save, hit the back arrow. To cancel, hit the X.  

Congrats! You have successfully programmed the Variable Steam Lever(s) on your RS1! 

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