RS1: How To Set A Temperature Profile

Take Your Brew To Its Full Potential.

Rancilio Specialty machines were crafted to let baristas access higher control over their espresso extraction, including the metric of temperature. The RS1's digital interface makes it easy to create a temperature profile, with a starting and ending temperature that will brew your espresso to it's fullest potential.

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Consistent temperature is vital in extracting delicious espresso. That’s why each RS1 stainless steel group contains a micro-boiler and two heating elements, maximizing accuracy and thermal stability for both water temperature and group body. Through the digital touch screen interface, extraction variables like time, temperature, volume, and pressure are fully customizable and programmable. 

For temperature, you can program both a starting and ending temperature for your espresso! This allows you to create a temperature profile that is attuned to the strengths of the coffee you are brewing.

How To Create a Temperature Profile...

1) On the touchscreen, select your group heads you’d like to adjust. 

2) Look for the section titled “Temperature.” You will see the starting and ending temperature listed. 

3) To adjust, highlight the metric you would like to change. Press the plus or minus to increase or decrease. If both are selected, they will be adjusted at the same interval.  

4) Save with the back arrow or hit X to cancel.   

Congrats! You have successfully created a temperature profile on the RS1! 

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