Rancilio Classe 20

Multi-boiler espresso machine available in 2 or 3 groups with automatic dosing and Advanced Steady Brew technology (ASB).

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With the Rancilio Classe 20, you will be given full control of the espresso brewing process, utilizing independent grouphead temperature adjustment and advanced espresso dose control. The Classe 20 even allows you to enhance your cafe’s ambiance with fully customizable RGB LED lights on the side panels and groupheads.

With its standard 4.3” touchscreen display, you will be able to easily navigate all the Classe 20’s advanced features. Explore the possibilities of total espresso control at your fingertips.

The Rancilio Classe 20: powered by 95 years of espresso excellence

  • ASB (Advanced Steady Brew) version employs independent boilers with PID’s
  • SB (Steady Brew) version offers the world’s most accurate thermosiphon, with independent group control
  • 4.3” touchscreen allows easy menu navigation
  • Class-leading dose control with 4-magnet flow meters
  • Advanced internal CPU with integrated schematic diagnostics for simpler maintenance and valve testing
  • Internal, high-output rotary vane pump

Available Configurations

Classe 20 SB

Espresso precision powered by the world's most accurate heat exchanger. Easily navigate the machine configuration with the intuitive touchscreen controls.

Classe 20 ASB

Advanced Steady Brew technology enables individual group temperature adjustments for maximum control over extraction.

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