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Rancilio Specialty


Rancilio is embarking on a new era with its forthcoming,
high-end line of espresso machines, Rancilio Specialty.

Rancilio Specialty logo


  • Stainless steel body with metal alloy, black chrome-plated group covers
  • Rancilio patented temperature profiling technology
  • Lever-actuated, cool touch steam wands with 4 adjustable presets
  • Independent grouphead boilers
  • Programmable volumetrics with 4-magnet flowmeters
  • Multifunction on-board computer with 4.3” display
  • Individual graphics displays for each grouphead detailing shot time, brewing profile and cleaning operation
  • User-friendly touchscreen with backlit icons
  • Parameter tracking software with details of the last 30 extractions per group
  • 2 water buttons with programmable dosages and temperatures
  • Insulated steam boiler with programmable water renewal
  • ECO function available using multiple level sensor management
  • Easy access pump pressure adjustment under the machine
  • 2 USB ports for updating machine functions and recharging scale and barista tools
  • Adjustable drip tray height (3”, 4”, 5”) for various cup sizes


  • High thermal stability
  • Vertical workflow
  • Height of the main body of the machine 18.2 inches
  • Adjustable cup warmer 15.7 inches x 40.1 inches with temperature sensor
  • 7" work surface depth
  • 3.5" between the working area and the counter
  • Cool touch steam wands with 2 power settings
  • Bodywork customizable

The Rancilio Specialty was developed by Rancilio R&D Department in collaboration with a coffee industry team of experts and MOMO Design.